When will I get my state income tax refund?

State Income Tax Map Showing States With No Income Tax

So, you live in the United States and you have filed your state income tax.  When will you get your state tax refund?

A variety of things can effect when you receive your refund including:

  • E-file (faster) vs. Mail (slower)
  • Direct Deposit of refund (faster) vs. Paper Check (slower)
  • Regular Tax Return (faster) vs. Amended/Business Tax Return (slower)

State Taxes

Below are links for several states that offer online or telephone status on the status of your income tax refund check:

Online State Tax Refund Status

Telephone Tax Refund Status:

  1. Arizona Department of Revenue
    • Refund Status: 602.255.3381 or 1.800.352.4090
  2. Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration
    • Refund Status: 501.682.0200 or 1.800.438.1992
  3. Connecticut Department of Revenue Services
    • Refund Status: 1.800.382.9463 (In-State) or 1.860.297.5962 (From Anywhere)
  4. Georgia Department of Revenue
    • Refund Status: 1.800.338.2389
  5. Hawaii Department of Taxation
    • Refund Status: 1.808.587.4242 or 1.800.222.3229
  6. Kentucky Revenue Cabinet
    • Refund Status: 1.502.564.1600
  7. Louisiana Department of Revenue and Taxation
    • Refund Status: 1.888.829.3071
  8. Montana Department of Revenue
    • Refund Status: 406.444.9840
  9. New Jersey Division of Taxation
    • Refund Status: 1.800.323.4400
  10. New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department
    • Refund Status: 505.827.0822
  11. North Carolina Department of Revenue
    • Refund Status: 1.877.252.4052
  12. North Dakota State Tax Department
    • Refund Status: 701.328.3450
  13. Oklahoma Tax Commission
    • Refund Status: 1.800.522.8165
  14. Oregon Department of Revenue
    • Refund Status: 1.800.356.4222
  15. Utah State Tax Commission
    • Refund Status: 801.297.2200
  16. Vermont Department of Taxes
    • Refund Status: 1.866.828.2865

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