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Using a phone from another carrier on Straight Talk Wireless


AT&T Cell Phone

This phone can be ported to Straight Talk.

If you haven’t already read my article on Straight Talk Wireless, you might not be aware that Straight Talk is one of the best deals in cellular.

There is some mystery around Straight Talk, and I hope to answer today one of the most frequently asked questions regarding Straight Talk:

Can I use my existing Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile / Sprint / Tracphone / etc cellular phone?

The answer depends on the type of phone that you have.  Keep reading for more information

AT&T, T-Mobile or Any Unlocked GSM Phone

You can now take advantage of Straight Talk SIM, to use your existing phone on Straight Talk’s no-contract plans.  At this time, you must purchase the $45/month “Unlimited” plan to take advantage of this offer.  To take advantage of this, you simply order a SIM card from Straight Talk, place that SIM card into your phone and follow a few simple instructions.

Verizon & Sprint Phones

Much like AT&T/T-Mobile, it is possible to take your Verizon Wireless device and use it with Straight Talk on the Verizon network through Straight Talk’s Bring your own CDMA Phone Program.

Anything Else

If you have anything besides an AT&T, T-Mobile or unlocked GSM handset, the answer is: Probably yes, but proceed at your own risk.  Before you try this, remember that you can buy Straight Talk Phones starting at FREE, and you can get a 10% discount on all phones if you buy them through Mr. Rebates, as described in our original post on Straight Talk Wireless.  Therefore before you try and do anything crazy, strongly consider selling your old phone and then buy a new phone that will work well with Straight Talk.

Nextel, Boost Mobile & Virgin Mobile Phones

If your phone is a Nextel, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile: This is not supported by Straight Talk at this time.  There’s a chance it could work if the phone is unlocked, but you would be risking your $30 and 1 month’s subscription to do so.

US Celluar, C Spire, nTelos, or MetroPCS Phones

You might be able to take these phones to Straight Talk if they are unlocked by first unlocking them and then using the Straight Talk Verizon Bring Your Own Phone program.  However this would be at your own risk; it likely would not be supported by Straight Talk.

Taking your Straight Talk Phone to another carrier

One interesting thing about Straight Talk phones is that you CAN use Straight Talk phones in certain situations on another carrier:
Straight Talk phones are designed to be used only with Straight Talk Service.  Under some circumstances, you may be eligible to have your Straight Talk phone reprogrammed to work with another carrier, but you must contact us to do so.  Not all Straight Talk phones are capable of being reprogrammed.

Get up and Running on Straight Talk

In closing, you can’t port a phone from any carrier to Straight Talk, but you can port from Straight Talk to another carrier.

However, since Straight Talk has a inexpensive phone selection starting at “Free” I suggest this:

  1. Sell your old phone on eBay, Craigslist or Amazon Marketplace
  2. Get started on Straight Talk with a new phone.  Be sure to get free shipping and get 10% cash back when you do this – don’t leave money on the table!

358 Comments on "Using a phone from another carrier on Straight Talk Wireless"

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  1. pehuen says:

    Hi, I think my case is oposite to the discussion here. My iPhone was bought in US associated to ST. And brought almost new to Argentina by which it became useless. When I give it a Movistar SIM card it gives “invalid phone carrier” message. Went to Straight Talk and they told me its not “yet” eligible for unlock, so it seems I’ve got a brand new 5S with no use. Does anybody here knows how or where or who can unlock this iPhone to be used for Movistar Argentina? IMEI: 013986006641380

  2. Ally Boone says:

    I have a locked T-Mobile iphone 6, can I use it on straight talk?

  3. Dan says:

    I have a boost mobile galaxy j7 can I switch it to straight talk?

  4. melisa says:

    I have a boost mobile LG Volt 2 that isnt activated yet. I have straight talk on my current phone, and wish to keep that service. Is it possible for me to just simply purchase a straight talk sim card and use it in the Boost mobile phone? (my current phone doesn’t require a sim card)

  5. David says:

    I have a galaxy edge 7 from a.t.t no contract but still owe money on phone and have a phone bill I can’t pay wondering if I could use the phone for straight talk service without paying my bill?

  6. jennifer mcclellan says:

    I really want to use my lg stylo on straight talk….. But it’s from virgin mobile should i take the chance i already have service worth Straight talk

  7. Rita says:

    I have had the same straight talk number for 6 years always used their phones as well. I recently was given a t mobile to go phone. And wanting to know if I can still use my number with t Mobil phone and Sim?

  8. Alexus Thurmond says:

    I already have Straight Talk Services but i’m buying a tmobile iphone 6plus from someone how do i transfer? will i have to buy a new simcard?

  9. Mz says:

    I have an I wireless Galaxy S7 can I use straight talk??

  10. Mackhalia says:

    I have a factory locked iPhone 6 from At&t. Will my phone work with Straight talk service?

  11. Seairah says:

    The phone plan I was on with my step mom got canceled, I still have the tmobile Galaxy Note 5. She had never paid the phone off fully but I am still using it as a WiFi phone and I can take my sim card out. Can I switch to straight talk even though my phone hasn’t been fully paid off?

  12. Nad says:

    I bought a Samsung galaxy s6 from straight talk and want transfer to metro pcs would that possible?

  13. Lynda says:

    I have a nTelos lg g3. nTelos is no longer. website advertises that their andriod phones are unlocked, but I don’t see how to change the carrier on it. Even though sprint took over, now when i dial #611, I get a verizon message. (I know they used to run on Verizon towers) I want to use with straight talk, but website says MEID number isn’t compatible. I dont know how to proceed.

  14. ALICIA says:

    I have 3 phones under at&t contract 2 of them are with the next program. I want to switch them all too straight talk due to customer service issues and un explained bill spikes. If I agree to pay out our next program phones monthly without the service is it possible to purchase Sim cards and begin service with straight talk?

  15. Nichole says:

    I bought a iPhone 6 Plus off eBay and I didn’t see it till I had already bought it but they said it was network locked can I still use it on straight talk.

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