TaxAct Beats out TurboTax Again in 2015: A TaxAct review and comparison

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I used TaxAct last year for my income tax, and things went so great, I plan to use it in 2016, for my 2015 taxes.  Keep reading for a full TaxAct review and comparison to TurboTax.

I used to be a TurboTax user

I was a loyal TurboTax user for over 10 years, but I broke up with TurboTax last year for the following reasons:

  • The price of TurboTax is rising every year, to the point where it is getting excessive.  If you have any investments, you’re paying $91.98 to file this year.  You were doing taxes yourself to save money, not to spend it!
  • Versions of TurboTax lost features they have always had, but kept the same name, a totally deceptive move by Intuit
  • Annoying crashes and bugs in the desktop version that caused data and time loss

TaxAct review: it exceeded all my expectations

For my 2014 taxes, I found that TaxAct worked flawlessly.  It handled the following situations with ease:

  • Business income
  • Moving
  • Multi-state return

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about the quality, the security and the polish of TaxAct.  But on all accounts, I was pleasantly surprised.

TaxAct review: it is a much better value

TaxAct is costs much less than TurboTax.  Because of the low price I was skeptical if it would work.  After using it, all my skepticism went away and I became a huge fan!

Let’s compare the price of TurboTax 2015 and TaxAct 2015 for Federal + 1 State:

1040 + Itemized DeductionsDeluxe – $71.98Basic – $24.98
1040 + Itemized Deductions + Investment Income (Schedule D, Schedule E)Premier – $91.98Plus – $29.98
1040 + Itemized Deductions + Investment Income + Business Income (Schedule C)Home & Business – $116.98Premium – $34.99

You should try TaxAct as well.   Go to TaxAct right now and check it out.  You have nothing to lose – you can fill out your entire return before you pay, and decide if it is worth filing it.  I think you’ll find, as I did, that TaxAct is a quality product and a reasonable price.

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