Save even more on all your Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas Shopping

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Don’t forget to save even more on your Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping by taking advantage of extra rebates.

Mr. Rebates is a site that allows you to save an additional 1-22% on purchases.  Plus, they give you an additional $5 just for signing up!  Here are some of the stores that they feature:

  • Newegg – 1%
  • Canon – 2%
  • Dell – 2%
  • JCPenney – 3%
  • Sears – 5%
  • Babies R’ Us – 2%
  • Advance Auto Parts – 7%
  • AT&T – up to $15
  • Verizon Wireless – $10

These rebates really add up over time.  I just received my first check from Mr. Rebates, which was around $75.00!

Sign up today to take advantage of rebates on all your shopping!

With the demise of Microsoft’s Bing cash back, there has been one clear leader that has risen to replace Bing Cash Back – Mr. Rebates.  Bing was good while it lasted, but their payouts may have been too generous to sustain it.  Mr. Rebates gives you a great rebate and has been a company with staying power because they give a fair cash back rebate on their members purchases and have a very easy-to-use site.

There are other cash back sites out there besides Mr. Rebates as well.  Many credit cards also have some type of cash back or cash-for-miles program.  Check EVreward to compare cash back between the various sites before making any purchase.

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