Mapping & Navigation Sites To Add Your New House or Business

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Mailman or package delivery drivers can’t find your house?  GPS, Apple Maps or Google Maps don’t find your home or business?  You might need to add your location to the mapping sites.

When you move into a newly constructed home or business, especially if it is on a new street, you are unknown when it comes to online mapping providers.  This causes all kinds of problems, from packages not being delivered properly to friends not being able to locate your house.

Adding your home or business to each of the mapping providers below as soon as possible will help reduce the amount of problems you have.  It can also help carriers like UPS, FedEx, Amazon and others find your new location.

Apple maps

Use the mapping program on Mac to report.  I’m not currently aware of a way to do this through the web.

Bing Maps

Report feedback through Bing Maps.

Google Maps

Use the Google Maps web interface to report a problem.

Here Maps

Here Maps is used by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and many businesses, possibly including Amazon Delivery.  Use the HereMaps Map Viewer to report.  You can also use the HereMaps Map Creator to directly fix your issues.


Mapbox has an improve the map tool to make updates.  Mapbox appears to also pull data from OpenStreetMap, so it may not be necessary to update Mapbox directly.


Look up your address (or nearby) on MapQuest and choose “provide feedback”.


OpenStreetMap allows direct map updates (recommended) or allows you to leave a note for someone else to fix.  This appears to populate several other apps and providers, such as RoadTrippers, and others.

Rand McNally

View their map, and if your location is missing, e-mail RandMcNally at to fix.


Use TomTom Online Map Share Reporter to report a problem.


Use the Waze App or the Waze Live Map to report.


Do you know of others we are missing?  Please leave a comment below so we can update this article.

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