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Discount on Straight Talk Refill Cards – Save Even More on Your No Contract Cell Phone Plan

Straight Talk Cell Phone Refill Card

If you are a subscriber to the Straight Talk cellular phone service, you might be wondering if there are any ways to get a discount on the “list” price of the Straight Talk cards.  The answer is Yes! You can save up to $288 over 2 years following these methods, making Straight Talk an even sweeter deal!  If you are paying full price for Straight Talk refill cards, stop right now!  I have some techniques below using rebates, coupons and savvy shopping that could provide you with significant savings.  Note on rebates: It used to be that Mr. Rebates and others gave a cash back rebate for shopping on eBay and for Straight Talk cards at Wal-Mart, but they no longer offer that option.

Following the steps below can get you:
“All You Need” (1000 Minutes/1000 Texts)  service for $27 a month or “Unlimited” service for $33 a month.

These discounted rates can add up to significant savings when done month after month.

Continue reading to see how you can save money on Straight Talk refill cards, both the “All You Need” ($30) plan & the “Unlimited” ($45) plan …

Saving on $30/month “All You Need” Plan

If you have the 1000 minute, 1000 text, 30mb data plan from Straight Talk Wireless, you can save on your refill cards!

Go to the auction sites. Your mileage may vary, savings of $36+ a year?

  1. Often you will find Straight Talk cards on eBay (or other auction sites) at a discount.
  2. Be sure to use a rewards credit card (if you have one) to save even more!

Save on the $45/month “Unlimited” Plan

The techniques for saving on the $45/month “Unlimited” plan are similar to the $30/month plan strategies described above with one major difference: You can buy longer-term packages of “Unlimited” refills.  Currently, these refills are offered in 3/6/12 month packages.  As normal, buying in “bulk” can offer significant savings:

LengthStraight Talk PriceeBay Priceamazon.com Price
3 months$125.99 ($42/month)$116.00 ($39/month)
6 months$249.99 ($42/month)n/a$199 ($33/month)
BEST DEAL – But not always available
1 year$499 ($42/month)n/an/a

As you can see, the amazon.com bulk refill plan gives you a cost of $33/month when you refill for 6 months at a time. If you use the amazon.com visa (3% cash back) – the cost would be closer to $32/month, which is almost as cheap as the “All you need” plan!  However, this deal is not always available.

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  • Great Post. Thanks for sharing this excellent information. Wasn’t sure if buying through Walmart using Mr. Rebates would work. Glad to know it works. You post has been most helpful!!!

  • First off, all the rebate sites (including Mr. Rebate) do not give cash back on ebay anymore. Second of all, I have found that Walmart also stopped giving cash back for purchase of straight talk cards, they consider it one of their excluded items.

    • Joseph, Thanks for the update. I have updated the post with the latest information. It’s disappointing to see eBay discontinue their rebate program, many people used that when buying on eBay!

    • Hi Tia, Thanks for your question. It sounds like your phone is having some software problems. I would suggest that you might want to consider purchasing a new phone.

  • My Mom’s phone did the same thing. There are two quick effective ways I found that fixes the problem. First, If your ph uses a SD card…power ph off, remove memory card and power back up. Try to take a pic. If it corrects problem power off again and reinsert the card. Camera should still work without error messages. If this first process doesn’t help, try clearing out some of the card and/or phone memory. We had problems when either storage location was almost completely full. Hope this helps cuz know I

  • I bought a phone and Straight Talk (ST) airtime from Walmart for one month in 2012…prior to leaving the US, I enquired from Customer Service at Straight Talk, whether I could buy airtime upon my return a year later. I was advised to purchase airtime for one year, so that I would not ‘lose’ my number, as it gets deactivated after 30 days of ‘non-use’. This is what they wrote: “…In addition, one of our customer service representatives
    called you today, 10/22/2012 at 10:40 AM EST to your phone number which is (240) XXX-XXXX. As per the conversation, you were informed that, you need to renew or add the (1) one-year Unlimited Plan so that you can keep the same phone number until June 2013.” They ignored the fact that I would not be in the US…

    I would welcome any advice from you, please, to what would be the best way to purchase a refill card and/or activate the phone. Thank you. JenSahara

    • Call the Straight Talk “Executive Resolutions Dept.” number at 1-305-715-6500 or 1-800-876-5753, Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern time.