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I’ve been looking for a used car recently.  I have discovered that there are dozens, if not hundreds of sites with used car listings on.  However, very few of them I encountered had something that I really desired: An RSS feed so that I could receive updates in an RSS reader.  If you haven’t discovered the beauty of RSS yet, I highly encourage you to start by signing up for Google Reader and experiment with these or many other sites that have RSS feeds.

Here are the sites I discovered that have RSS feeds and a little note about each.  Hopefully you will find this useful as you look for a new or used car: (powered by – Powerful and widely used car search engine.  To subscribe to the RSS feed, enter your search criteria and then click “Save” on the upper right corner of the screen.  This will drop down a menu that gives you the option to subscribe via RSS.  Fantastic! – Great local listings.  Look in the lower right corner of your search result page after narrowing your search to the models and price range that you are interested in.  Search features are not quite as powerful and specific as some of the other sites mentioned, but craigslist frequently has the best local listings because it is popular and free to list! – This startup has very few listings in my area, but since they have RSS, I can just setup a search, subscribe and see if anything new shows up.  Ah, how did I ever live without RSS?

I’d also like to close this post by putting a plug in for a book that I found to be very informative about keeping a new (or used) car running for a very long time: Drive It Forever: Secrets to Long Automobile Life. Also, you might be interested on some of my other posts on this topic – just click on Cars to see more.  Also, if you know of any other car search sites that have RSS feeds for new listings, please leave a comment below!

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