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Bring Your Own Device to the AT&T or T-Mobile Network with Net 10 SIM

Net 10 SIM Card Activation Pack for AT&T and T-Mobile

Net 10 SIM Card Activation Pack for AT&T and T-MobileNet 10 is a sister company to Straight Talk – if you look at certain parts of their websites, you’ll see that they look very similar.

Net 10 AT&T SIM Card activation packs are available in stores and will allow you to get up and running on the AT&T network starting at $35 a month “unlimited text talk and 500MB of data”.  The plan is actually only $31.50 a month if you enroll in the Net 10 auto-refill payment plan on their site!

The Net 10  “Bring your own phone” activation kits cost around 99 cents and can be found at Radio Shack, Walmart, Best Buy and other electronics stores.  They include 3 SIM Cards:

  • AT&T Regular Size SIM
  • AT&T Micro SIM
  • T-Mobile Regular Size SIM

You have the choice of which you would like to use in your device between T-Mobile & AT&T

To activate your phone, simply follow the instructions in the included booklet – you may either activate online or by calling Net 10.

Like Straight Talk, you cannot use the AT&T LTE network with their service; however, the AT&T HSPA+ network is their first “4G” network and it works very nicely in many parts of the country, even outperforming Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

Visit Net 10 today to check out their plans and the SIM program in more detail to consider if it is right for you.

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