How to Save Money on Top-Tier Gas for your Car

Yesterday, we talked about why you should be using Top-Tier gasoline.  One of the things we mentioned is that Top-Tier gasoline typically is a few cents costlier per gallon at the pump, but it saves you money each tank by keeping your engine performing well. Today, we are going to talk about one way to save money at a particular top-tier gasoline retailer, Shell.

If you are frugal to the core, like me, you don’t pay asking price for anything, especially not (Top-Tier) gasoline.  To avoid paying asking price for gasoline, you will often need to use a loyalty card for the gas station (such as Speedy Rewards) or a credit card that offers rewards for gasoline purchases.

While I plan to break down the best ways to save money on gas for those that can handle a credit card, I wanted to mention an option for those who choose to live their life without credit cards: The Shell Saver Card.  This card will save you 5 cents per gallon until June 1, 2009 and then 2 cents per gallon after that.  The card links directly to your checking account so there are no credit cards needed!  I commend Shell for offering this Top-Tier gasoline purchase option to those that choose to live without credit cards.  Dave Ramsey would be proud!

Paying cash for Top-Tier gasoline while saving money off each gallon is a great thing!

The Shell Saver Card

(Photo: phatman)

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  • This was a really good post and I never thought about using top tier gas to save money in the long run. I’ve written a few articles on Hubpages about top tier gas and the leading brands. It’s become a subject of interest to me. I’ll bookmark this page and then I’d like to refer to your post in another article or on my Cash Flow Tips blog. With the recent changes in credit card policy, or proposed changes, will there be credit cards still offering rewards for gasoline.