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Accurate Straight Talk Coverage Maps for Straight Talk Wireless Networks

Verizon Prepaid Coverage Map for Straight Talk

We have been doing a series on Straight Talk Wireless.  Read the first article in the series to get started, or continue if you are interested in more information on Straight Talk Coverage Maps.

Straight Talk Wireless’  coverage maps leave a bit to be desired.  For one, there isn’t really a way on their map to zoom in to see city-level or street-level coverage information, which might be important to deciding if you are going to move forward with Straight Talk as your cellular provider.

Coverage Map for your phone in 2 Simple Steps

However, despite the deficiencies with the Straight Talk coverage map, you can get more detailed coverage & service area maps for Straight Talk. Here’s how you do it in 2 simple steps:

  1. Determine your phone radio type: GSM or CDMA.
    • The easiest way to do this is to look up the phone on PhoneScoop.com or search for your phone’s specifications on Google by typing <your phone’s model number> specifications
  2. Look up the map
    • GSM: Your phone will use the AT&T + T-Mobile network.  To see more detailed coverage, visit the AT&T Coverage Viewer.  Enter your address information.  Choose “GoPhone” for the Coverage Type.  Your coverage area will include all shades on the map except for “no coverage” areas.
    • CDMA (non-Android phone): Your phone will use the Verizon network.  To see more detailed coverage, visit the Verizon Coverage Viewer.  Enter your address information. Choose “Prepaid” for the Coverage Type.  Your coverage area will include all shades on the map except for “no coverage” areas.
    • CDMA (Android phone):
      • Samsung Galaxy Proclaim: Your phone will use the Verizon network.  To see more detailed coverage, visit the Verizon Coverage Viewer.  Enter your address information. Choose “Prepaid” for the Coverage Type.  Your coverage area will include all shades on the map except for “no coverage” areas.
      • All other Android Phones sold by Straight Talk: Your phone will use the Sprint network. To see more detailed coverage, visit Virgin Mobile Coverage Viewer. Virgin Mobile also uses the Sprint network, and as far as I am aware would have the exact same coverage as the Straight Talk Android phones.

If you are really concerned about coverage, remember a few things:

  • You are not going to be under contract, so if it Straight Talk work out, sell your phone and go with another provider
  • Straight Talk’s coverage is the best of any prepaid provider, so unless you have specific issues with AT&T or Verizon in your area, you should have good coverage.
  • You can get started with Straight Talk for as little as $27 (assuming you are getting 10% cash back on your first purchase as described in our main post on Straight Talk and choosing a free phone)

Coverage Notes

The Verizon & AT&T maps will give you a pretty accurate picture of the coverage you can expect; though it is not necessarily a 100% replica of the actual Straight Talk coverage.  Straight Talk coverage may actually be better in some markets due to roaming agreements that Straight Talk has with T-Mobile (for GSM phones).  It could also be worse in some areas where the roaming agreements available to Verizon or AT&T prepaid customers are not passed on to Straight Talk users.  However, it is my experience that the coverage areas are extremely similar to Verizon (for CDMA phones) & AT&T (for GSM phones) and that the Verizon & AT&T maps give a much better indication of local coverage than the “whole USA” view provided by Straight Talk.

For even more ways to save, read the article Save Money on your Cell Phone Bill with Straight Talk.

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  • Page Plus Cellular is a better service and you can bring your own phone and get access to almost all of Verizon’s network (minus partner towers that you will roam on). They do not limit what type of data you can download also. You are allowed to stream. You should really look at their service and do a report on it.

    • Jim,

      I’m familiar with Page Plus and plan to put together an article on it in the future. I recommend it to those that have an existing Verizon phone and want to reduce their monthly bills. There are many more options that can be found at Phone Bill Cut. Also, keep in mind that Straight Talk also uses the Verizon network extensively, you just can’t bring a Verizon phone to Straight Talk. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim runs on the Verizon network, as do many other of the Verizon feature phones.

  • Before buying a new smartphone I have been doing my homework.My plan is to get a Motorola smartphone on Verozon’s “Senior Plan” with a 2 yr contract. After that I would take that phone and put it on the Straight Phone pay as you go system.My phone is a dual phone meaning it can be used on the CDMA or GSM frequency.ST uses the Verizon network mostly and is supplemented some with the Sprint network for customer phones that are CDMA based.I was told on March 29th by an ST cust service rep that they will be unveiling a new website at the end of April 2013 allowing ST customers to set up their CDMA phones (not purchased from ST) to be used on the ST CDMA network.This said, why does Wise Finish say “you just can’t bring a Verizon phone to Straight Talk”??Since there are 3 different types of CDMA is one associated with Verizon and a different CDMA frequency associated with ST which would explain the statement of Wise Finish?? Or is it that Verizon puts different programming into their CDMA versus the programming that ST puts into their CDMA?? Oh my god I think I’ve turned into a techie!!!

  • I have a unlocked new XGODY model X200 and I wanted to know if it will work with at&t straight talk and what kind of sim card it will use.Thank You

    • Yes, go to Straight Talk SIM or Net 10 SIM to order today!

      It appears to use a standard or micro SIM:

      Dual SIM Card Dual Standby (one standard SIM slot, one micro SIM slot)
      SIM 1 (Standard SIM Slot): 3G (Unlocked WCDMA 850/2100MHz) / 2G(Unlocked GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz)
      SIM 2 (Micro SIM Slot): 2G (Unlocked GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz)

  • I have two US Cellular phones I would like to put on Straight Talk’s BYOP. One is the Samsung Galaxy J3, which is sold ‘already unlocked’, so I think I should be able to just buy the sim for Straight Talk and add a card. But, my other phone is a ZTE Blade Max 3, and I feel like my local US Cellular store and US Cellular’s customer service over the phone are giving me the run around about whether the ZTE Blade Max 3 comes ‘already unlocked’ or is unlockable for Straight Talk’s service. If anyone could just tell me if I can use my ZTE Blade Max 3 on Straight Talk, and if that phone comes ‘already unlocked’, I would be VERY appreciative!

  • Will my LG v30+ unlocked gsm phone work in northeast Ga. And what towers will it run off. Thanks